Running Abroad

I love taking part in races abroad and I love taking my running shoes with me on holidays.  Sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge to know where you can and where you should not run. I’ve gone on solo running tours in Dublin, Edinburgh, South Tyrol and Mallorca, for example. Last week I was signed up for a business conference in Budapest for a very short stay, 2 nights and 2 days to be exact. I was determined to go on a run in Budapest and searched for running routes and recommendations online. My search took me to the website of  Go Running Tours, a guided running tour operator and luckily Budapest is on their list. There are different runs to chose from in each city and I booked the 11km Riverbank Private Tour for my second (and last) day in Budapest early enough not to miss too much of the conference programme.

At 9 in the morning my guide, Adam, picked me up from the hotel and off we went. We stopped at various sites and landmarks and Adam told me about their historical significance and let me catch a breath and take some photos.

Time flew by and I had great fun. So, if you are travelling abroad with your running shoes I highly recommend that you try one of these tours for yourself. If I didn’t already have a job (and two Kids) I would consider becoming a franchisee myself for Zurich and/or Basel.  I leave you with some pictures of the sites and landmarks we ran past. 

I took some more pictures before heading off to the airport, too. I especially had to go back to one place that we passed by on the running tour: This line of brass shoes at the riverbank: 

It is a Holocaust memorial and as my guide explained,  jewish prisoners were lined up at the embankment, shot and dumped in the river. It is a deeply moving memorial. 

The sculptures all over the city are also very impressive:

One thing is for sure, I will visit Budapest again and not only for 2 days. Lovely city, lovely people, lovely food and runner friendly. What more do you want? 

Oh and make sure to try the Dobos Torta! 

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